Looking for ways to use scaffolding in your teaching?
A recent edutopia.org article provides some helpful ideas:

6 Scaffolding Strategies to Use with Your Students

EMC’s Mirrors & Windows: Connecting with Literature program has scaffolding and gradual release of responsibility built into the lesson design of each unit in the textbook. Three levels of reading support lead students from guided, to directed, to independent reading. This approach is based on research that supports the practice of using modeling to gradually transfer responsibility and mastery of skills from the teacher and the textbook to the students.

Mirrors & Windows before-reading activities and guided close-reading models include all six of the scaffolding strategies mentioned in the Edutopia article.

•  Modeling: (Guided Reading Models)
•  Prior knowledge: (Reader’s Context)
•  Time to talk: (Launch the Lesson activities and Mirrors & Windows questions in the Teachers’ Edition)
•  Pre-teach vocabulary: (Preview Vocabulary)
•  Use visual aids: (Use Reading Skills graphic organizers)
•  Pause, ask questions, pause, review: (During-reading guided reading questions and After-Reading text-dependent critical thinking questions)

Let Mirrors & Windows do the scaffolding for you!

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